GOAL: $18,000.00

Donate to Mideast Discipleship Center

In 2019 alone, there were over 300 professions of faith in Jesus Christ at a local gathering of believers.  These new disciples have been meeting in a facility in a prime location to come from multiple places.  Because most are in refugee status, their ability to give is severely challenged.  The facility we are using has been a great tool that allows upwards of 100 people at a time to meet for various discipleship purposes.  These brothers and sisters are being equipped to carry on the Kingdom advance long after we are there.  But, they need your help.  Rent on this location is $1,500 per month.  That's $18,000 per year to provide a location that is safe to meet and free from interference from unfriendly outsiders.  What a great investment in eternity!  Would you be willing to give to help with this effort for 2021?  


Lenexa Baptist Church
Lenexa, KS, United States